• All rooms are equipped with an own WC, a shower, a TV, a satellite and a completely equipped kitchen.
  • Besides accommodation in the pension we also offer accommodation in bungalows, which is suitable for two families or for bigger group of people (for up to 8 people). Bungalows are linked up with a completely equipped kitchen; every of them have its own WC, a shower, a TV and a satellite. A part of a bungalow is a veranda with sitting for possible smokers.
  • You can take meals in restaurant Ořechovka (circa 200 meters) or in many other restaurants in neighbourhood.
  • A part of the pension is a common-room, where are served eventual varied breakfasts.
  • We have a large garden for children with a seesaw and other garden attractions.
  • A big and a small swimming pool, ping pong tables, a garden gridiron, couches with parasols are available for all pension guests during summer time.
  • A part of the pension is also a car park, which is locked during nights.
  • Free wifi

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